Owl Easter egg US dollar

US dollar Sub-liminal Referencing

So I was at a dinner party and a topic came up about a hidden Owl in the US dollar so I checked this out then and there. These are my findings. 

Here is an image of a standard US $1 bill. As you see here there is a small shape on the top right of the face side of the dollar.

Owl Easter egg US dollar

This is supposedly a subtly printed owl which is a symbol representing wisdom and is associated with both the Bavarian Illuminati and the Bohemian Grove (which has an owl as their main symbol) occult groups (Occult meaning hidden and Illuminati meaning enlightened ones or essentially educated ones so stop making them out to be wizards or something).

After I heard about this and saw it with poor lighting I wanted a clearer image so I prepared a microscope slide to view this owl in more detail.


This Microscope is a non-specialized microscope. This is magnifying at 100x magnification and what I saw was very interesting.

Tiny Dollar Owl     Real Owl

I managed to take a picture of the magnified dollar with a phone and here it is, facing me with ever so curious eyes. For a reference, I have a REAL Owl so you can see the resemblance.

Occult Groups

Now more about the lore of the groups

Here is a saved web archive of attendance of the Bohemian Grove camp as well as an Alex Jones documentary about the group. For the latter, an article about the Bavarian Illuminati group. Be aware that researching these groups will lead to a deep rabbit hole which might lead to paranoia and isn’t really too productive.

Here is a list of similar groups to help kick-start your occult group rabbit hole Easter egg hunt.

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