Hacienda Crystal Grid

Building a Cosmic Crystal Grid

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a geometric pattern created by placing select crystals in a particular pattern to generate an area that energy can amplify and flow in. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry and your intention when creating and maintaining it.


What inspired me to make the crystal grid?

The main inspiration for me on building this grid was actually my background in Cyber Network Architecture. I was taught to build long lasting systems that would positively affect anyone who was in it’s area of influence similar to Wi-Fi. When I heard about crystal grids I made the connection that they were just a spiritual energy version of the internet and use different frequencies so for example Wi-Fi uses 900MHz. With this understanding I got super excited when I found an opportunity to build a long lasting and powerful Crystal Grid.

Where did I build the crystal Grid

This goes back to the Social Club network I’m a member of with a location in San Diego called The University Club. I joined as my business mentor Dan Pena recommended me to “Join a club [I] can’t afford” not fully grasping the opportunities that this decision would open up to me. One morning during club breakfast I met a very enthusiastic businessman in the hospitality industry named Joseph and we struck up a great conversation which eventually led to him inviting me over to his property to see what it was all about. A few conversations later we found that we had very similar philosophies and belief systems and his property, The Vineyard Hacienda, dualed as a business residence so there would be people going there for a multitude of reasons. “Coincidentally” the hacienda was opening up a new division for health and wellness retreats which would have people coming there wanting to increase their general health so I thought the crystal grid would be a great way to provide an environment that develops that.


What does this one do?

When Joseph and I created the grid we set the grid’s intention to promote the complete sustainability of the hacienda as well as promoting independent spiritual development and self awareness to all who enter it. The cosmic aspect comes into play as the grid was designed to point towards the heavens and also received a Cosmictology blessing.

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