Sprouted Pixel Dungeon

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon Zot Guide

It’s one of the largest achievements in the pixel Dungeon game. To beat the entity that represents the dungeon itself. Zot is the God of the dungeon. Time to take him down.

Updated 11/4/2019

Pre-Dolyngaven Best Practices

  • Don’t use any scroll of upgrades
  • Don’t interact with any tombstones
  • Always buy inventory upgrades at the item shop
  • Fall down rooms with broken floors for a secret loot room below
  • For the ghost quest choose whatever you DON’T have
  • Save your arcane styluses for plate Armor or the best armor that generated in your playthrough
  • Use the weightstone for weight on a tier 5 weapon
  • Don’t use your armor kit

Max item Dew Upgrade levels. Mages get +1

  • Floor 3 +6
  • Floor 6 +7
  • Floor 9 +8
  • Floor 12 +9
  • Floor 15 +10
  • Floor 18 +11
  • Floor 21 +12
  • Floor 24 +13
  • Dolynghaven +16

End game items to look out for or use Wells of transmutation / phase pitcher seeds to obtain

  • Ring of Haste (increases efficiency of farming and clearing floors)
  • Sandals of Nature (increases farming efficiency)
  • Ring of Furor
  • Enchantment of Viscosity (that sweet defered damage)
  • Wand of Flock (for boss fights)
  • Wand of Poison (for boss fights)
  • Wand of Teleportation (for piranhas)
  • Wand of Fire-bolt (to burn meat and dungeons)
  • Plate Armor (top armor)
  • Glaive / War-hammer (tier 5 weapons)
  • 15x Seed of Upgrade Eater (Max spawn number per play-through)
  • Seed of Phase Pitcher

Recipes worth knowing

  • Mighty fruit (+1 str 5 health) = blandfruit + phase pitcher seed + alchemy pot
  • Honey (+5-20 hp) = broken honey pot + planted phase pitcher seed
  • Ice Dragon (doesn’t burn vegitation) = 5x planted ice cap seed + egg thrown on planted ice cap seeds

Dew Farming ideal situation

You’ll want to farm in a small closed off room. If you don’t see that then use a corner. Plant a seed to grow grass and start watering to have that grass grow further.

The image below shows how to farm efficiently with the Ring of Haste and Footware of Nature equiped.

Yellow is where to direct movement and Green is where

Pixel Dungeon Farming Image

Floor 1-4 Ancient Sewers

Get 50 dews then go into a corner of a small room and farm if playing water with vial mode. For draw dew mode use Berry’s to expedite the floor clearing process. Also make sure to get a sundial seed or earthroot seed. Toast dungeon nuts in fires along with meat before continuing with the Goo fight

Floor 5 Goo

Munch on a toasty dungeon nut. Throw an earthroot seed (or sundial if you don’t have one) in the closest puddle of water and throw something at the Goo and have him come to you. Focus on the main Goo then clean up the floor after he’s defeated. Search the walls for the Rat King and get the extra loot to buy the inventory upgrades and Sobakan Book.

Floor 6-9

The Old wandmaker wants a corpse dust in exchange for a wand. If you don’t have a wand of flock get that for later. If you have that then get a battle wand for the wand of posion or wand of firebolt

Floor 10 Tengu

Toasted dungeon nut time ๐Ÿ˜‚ Posion him if possible then get close and hit him. Keep a path open in the middle by throwing meat to set off the Posion traps so you are able to get across the room quickly when Tengu teleports away.

Floors 11-14

Floor 15 The Dwarf King

Enjoy a Toasted nut of the dungeon. Posion him if possible and go straight for him while ignoring the skulls. Then when he dies and the litches spawn ignore them and go for the throne. Using a moon berry or star seed will expedite the process for this boss.

Floors 16-19

Red Monks hit most equipped items away so range attacks work well.

Blue mages hit from range so close combat is best with them.

Floor 20 DM-300

Did someone say toasted dungeon nut? Throw Mr. Destructo near the robot printers and take them down. Great place to farm scrolls of recharging.

Floors 21-24

Magic mapping or blue dungeon berry these floors to get the good loot, find theย  seal hammer and unseal the next floors.

Key Dungeons

In Golden Dungeon Nut Bonus Item Order

Ancient Sewers

Pick up the green Darts and have a field day

Hideout Key

Tengu part 2.

An Admantine Ring is the reward here.

Ancient Prison

Holy hand grenade the fuck out of the skeletons

Inscribed bones

Take that Potion of Liquid Flame and burn the room down. Toasty dungeon Nuts always help. Posion works like a charm ๐Ÿ€ You get the Admantine Weapon which you’ll never use ๐Ÿ˜‚

Ancient Caves

ย  ย  ๐ŸŸ time. In the beginning get the Dumpling Bombs and throw them at the sleeping fish. Make sure to remove the ring of haste. The fastest method I’ve found is make a barrier of fadeleaf plants around you in the water and wait for the fish to come attack you which is faster than targeting each fish. When you’re out of seeds then find a nook and sit tight and search for the meaning of all life so the fishy come from a single direction.

Conch Shell

Toasted Dungeon Nut + Red Black Dungeon Berry. Go invisible then posion the crab King and ignore the hermit crabs for now. Head straight forย the lighting Shell in the back. Plant a starflower plant and be wary of your health as this boss eats Anks if you’re not aware of your stats. You get the Admantine Armor after clearing this boss.

Ancient City

This is where you’ll get the gold to buy the books. Earth star, death cap mushroom, and Jack o lanturn will kill most of the enemies. Make sure you don’t kill yourself. Fortress yourself with planted Sorrow moss seeds and bait the thieves.

After this you’ll have a golden dungeon nut in your inventory which gives you +2 Strength and +20 Health

Ancient Coin

Buff up with food. Go invisible. Drop a starflower / eat a moonberry then punch the thief king until he’s dead. An Admantine ring is the reward.

End Boss (Yog)

Go straight for Yog the eye ignoring the fists since they die when the eye dies. Posion him as he’ll teleport after getting to low health. A moon berry/starflower seed attack will do major damage. Remember to get the Amulet of Yendor in the locked room up north. Choose “I’m not done yet.” And now the ACTUAL game starts.

Go buy the Books from the imp on floor 21 in Heaven, Living, Dead Priority.

Book of Heavens

Get the potion of levitation, equip the ring of haste and get phase pitcher seeds and fight the animated statues for weapons to sell and eat upgrades from. They’re +3 enchanted weapons. Don’t pick up the San Chi Rah Piece and fall back down to do the Book of Heavens again. Stock Pile about ~15 Phase pitcher seeds for Turning Broken Honey Pot into health increasing Honey. The Plate armor & arcane stylus is also an item drop here if you don’t already have that.

Book of living

Lots of Anks and Honey Pots here for making Honey. There are onis that deal moderate damage if you’re not careful so bulk up. There are hidden rooms so keep a lookout. Garden’s regrow if you decide to burn the floor to the ground. Pick up the honey Pots then make honey by throwing them into planted phase pitcher seeds after you leave the floor.

Book of dead

Lots of tombstones here. Make sure you have the ring of wealth equipped for those upgrade and infusion scrolls

Save a dozen dew catcher seeds to upgrade your gear to +16 after the books.

Use a scroll of Magic mapping. Make sure to stand away from walls and trigger those tombstones. Use a holy hand grenade to kill the wraiths. (Best usage for them in my opinion)

  1. Standnext to tombstone
  2. Throw Holy Hand Grenade onto yourself
  3. Spawn Wraiths
  4. Wait
  5. ๐Ÿ˜

Farm those sweet upgrade scrolls and magical infusion (that you’ll use to phase pitcher into upgrade scrolls)


Throw an unimportant wand into planted phase pitcher seeds to get a wand of flock if you don’t already have one then get it to +13

Break all your honeypots and throw the broken honeypots in the rest of the Phase pitchers which gives Honeyand and permanently increases your max health by 3-5.

Use the remainder of your seeds on a brewing pot with blandfruit to give you mightfruit which gives +1 Strength and +5 health.

After all that you can have anywhere from 800~1000 health.

Make sure you have 300 dew charge.

Now, enter the Shadow Yog through the SanChiKarah.


There are 10 Shadow Yog bodies that spawn deadly rats and oni’s.

Use the wand of flock. This makes an impenetrable barrier between you and the Rats and Onis, and traps yog. Kill every single one this way until they all die.

These guys hurt a shit ton. Avoid fighting them at all costs. There are spawn traps all over the place that spawn them too. When you enter, use a Magic Mapping scroll if you have any, and a potion of mind vision.

Run to the nearest shadow yog.

After you kill all of them, go ahead and trigger all the traps to spawn the Rats and Onis. Rats only give 1 exp, but Onis give you a lot of exp. Exp farm here for a minute.

Break the Orb of Zot, and add the last page of the Sokoban books.

Exit the Shadow Yog zone through the SanChiKarah.


The main feature of sprouted.

That’s all for the 2nd and 3rd dungeons.

“4th and last dungeon”, The mines.

Remember how we stored all the weapons in Safe Haven? Go ahead to any shop level, then go to the Safe haven back and forth until you have sold all of the weapons.

This should let you buy the first two Rounds of scrolls of upgrades in the Dolyahaven shop.

We can now enter Dolyahaven. When you enter, talk to both of the Villagers, the one on the bottom gives you a beacon.

Make your way up to the shops, the lower ones sell 11 scrolls of upgrades at 6000 gold coins each. Buy all of them and save them. The amazing thing about this shop is that every time you enter a new level of the mines, it restocks on Scroll of Upgrades.

Then make your way to the southern west corner of dolya. you will see that some of the bushes are NOT marked as a wall. Burn that area to unlock the Mines.

Now, the mines hurt a whole lot. The Boar looking monsters are annoying to fight if you don’t two shot them. You have to hit them and run away, hit them and then run away. But you need to farm them for the Norn stones and the stone ores. The Norn stones are special items that, after placing them on the stone altar of the Dolyahaven (cross shaped building) give you a tier 6 weapon. If you get 3 of the same color, it grants you a specific one. If you have different colored ones, it will give you a random one. As far as I know, there is the Lucky Crom Crouch Axe, Loki’s Venomous Loki’s Flail, and Horrifying Jupiter’s Wrath. I also heard of a trident, but I myself never got that one before.

These Tier 6 weapons dont really have high damage base stats compared to our War hammer and Glaive, but they have more damage on everything in the Dolyahaven mines and beyond. Regular weapons suck against anything past the Shadow Yog. They deal less damage in the mines.

Because of this, you want to get all 3 stones in the first two floors of the mines. Only a limited number of the hog looking monsters spawn per floor. They don’t respawn. However, if you enter the mine and then come back out through the stairs(or ladders in this case) then enter the mines again, the entire floor resets. The structure changes, and there are new hog monsters. (THIS DOESNT RESET THE SHOP FOR UPGRADE SCROLLS, THEY ONLY RESTOCK WHEN THE FLOOR NUMBER CHANGES)

After you get a tier 6 weapon, exit out of dolyahaven and into the safe haven. Upgrade your T 6 weapon with dew blessing up to level 16. Then, go to the 11th floor of the main dungeon. Remember our troll blacksmith friends? Go to them and farm up the gold ores. Like 100 of them. Also finish the guy that combines items’ quest. After doing that, place your tier 6 weapon on the LEFT side of the combine window and your current weapon on the RIGHT side. (make sure you have used all of your Magical Infusion scrolls on your current weapon)

With all this said and done, you probably have something like 70 ~ 80 levels on the tier 6 weapon. Now spend all the Scrolls of upgrades on the T6 weapon. Should now be at about 110~120.

Go back to Dolya, kill the damn things for stone ores. Sell stone ores, buy Scrolls every new floor until you hit the Palantir level. If you are a ranger or you have the jupiter’s wrath, use the armor/weapon active ability to wipe everything on that floor. If not, kill everything the good old fashioned way.

Once you get the Palantir orb, use the beacon and return. Keep spamming the beacon to back and forth to get the weapon dropped from the statues. They all have 10+ Weapons. Sell them to buy last round of scrolls, save up 15 of them for the upgrade goo.

Now, if you want to go the extra mile, get the upgrade seeds buy farming dew watering again.

If you did all that correctly you probably have anywhere from 250~300 levels on the T6 weapon.


Enter the Zot fight. find the main Zot (he is less transparent and has a blacker body/redder outlines) while you are splashed.

Eat a moon berry/throw down a star plant, hit Zot.

He will die in one hit or at least in one turn of hitting with the ring of furor at about +25.

That’s all. If you have any extra questions about Sprouted runs, comment away.

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