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How 2 Read Elemental Natures in people

There are four physical elemental natures.

The first isย Fire ๐Ÿœ‚ with characteristics of intense passion and drive. Fire elements have a burning spirit to achieve their goals and channel all their energy into achieving them with intense focus. Fire types tend to be at the front lines, break rules, & seek conflict. The more aggressive element of the four.

The second is Water ๐Ÿœ„, Opposite to fire. Characteristics include abilities to diffuse tensions, persistence & adaptability. Water types have a spirit that moves with grace and flow. They move fluidly through life and once obtaining mastery over an aspect will expand thoroughly.ย  Water-types tend to withdraw from attention, finds holes in rule systems, & tend not to seek conflict but to quell it. The more calming of the elements.

Earth ๐Ÿœƒ is the third element. Its characteristics are stability and groundedness. Earth types have powerful abilities of structure and systems. They tend to know their environment, follow rules entirely while usually also making them, and stand strong in the face of conflict, not necessarily seeking it out.

Last but not least is Air ๐Ÿœ. Constantly moving Air is an exciting element. Air types travel around and explore new realms. The wanderers of the elements Air seeks for new and fun experiences as when they pick up momentum, they sweep up anything in their path. They tend to be focused on movement and don’t necessarily always know their environment well. Air types breeze past rules and have next to no concept of them in the first place as it’s very difficult to enforce rules on air types since they move so quickly. Conflict isn’t common with air types as they are using that time to move to other events and usually leave those situations.

Everyone has aspects of all four elements within them. The difference between individuals is the primary element being channeled. One person might primarily be a strong fire element while another is mostly Earth.

The Avatar State is when one is conscious of their elemental energy and control when and how they channel these elemental energies.

Elemental Flow of the Avatar state.

Water – Persistently finding all the cracks and crevices of a system and flowing back and forth.
Air – Movement to explore new and exciting places.
Earth – Bring order & unshakable stability to what exists.
Fire – The fuel to reach the heavens.

In-Depth Explanation

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