Preston Zen

Born and raised in beautiful San Diego California, I’ve been fortunate to have access to a city with bountiful opportunities and resources for me to leverage and utilize to change the world. That paired with my natural entrepreneurial instinct I’ve always been seeking and seizing opportunities as I see them.


Business Portfolio

Curb Corona-virus Logo
Curbcoronavirus.org | Curbing Coronavirus one supply chain at a time!
Kaizen Marketing Logo
Kaizen Marketing | A-Z Marketing
Kaizen Apps Logo
Kaizen Apps | Modern Age App Development
Kaizen Cybertech Logo
Kaizen Security | Digital Security
Zenith AI Logo
Zenith | Ethical AI
Cosmictology | Exploring our Cosmic Reality
Cuyamaca College Logo
Cyber Security Specialist Program Co-Founder
UCSD Extension
Cyber Security Boot Camp Instructor
Pathfinder | Decentralized Internet
Kratom Crypto Coin | Curbing Opioid addiction

Music Portfolio

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